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Zareen Khan charges the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation.

Zareen Khan charges the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation.

Zareen Khan charge the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation
Zareen Khan charges the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation.

It’s has become an ugly war between Zareen Khan and the producers of Aksar 2. They have been charged with questionable behavior.  Last week, there were reports of Zareen being mistreated by a mob, during the promotions of Aksar 2, as the filmmakers had not bothered about her security. Zareen Khan charges the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation.(Zareen Khan charge the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation)

However, a few days back, the filmmakers reacted strongly to the rumors and said in a statement:

“Zareen Khan and her team approved the entire tour schedule provided to them two days before the departure. She backed out of all her commitments leaving aside the press conference and a sponsor visit. She did not even complete a day of promotions, which troubled the makers to a point where they had to compensate a huge amount of money and were harassed and threatened till the wee hours of the morning.

The bit about her almost getting molested, is absolutely untrue, as she left the venue throwing tantrums arguing with the sponsors as she did not want to stay or eat there. She left with four bodyguards and her manager in tow. She sat in the sponsor’s car who she had shouted on and had an argument with.  The sponsor withheld the key of the car, but the makers arranged for another car and sent her and her team to the hotel safely, after which she left for Mumbai without informing the makers. This is not the first time that Zareen has troubled the filmmakers. She has put them in a fix many a time and made them suffer losses.”

Zareen has snapped and revealed her side of the story to SpotboyE. Zareen Khan charge the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation.

For starters, she says that she was disgruntled with the makers from the beginning itself. She was told that Aksar 2 would be a very clean film. However, it was not the case.

“They wanted me to wear minimal clothes in every frame. Of course I will raise questions and put my foot down na? Why was this masala being added? Were they not confident about what they had made till then?” she asked.

She is a responsible human being, didn’t run away from the movie as she didn’t want any drastic measures.

Zareen Khan charge the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation

“I tried to find a middle solution, but every time there were arguments. Every day they wanted a change in my clothes; they wanted me to change into something very irrational, something that would make me expose,” she said.

Zareen was upset with how certain scenes were shot, as they crossed the line from sensuous to vulgar.

Zareen Khan charges the producers of Aksar 2 for Molestation.

She also explained the disaster about the promotions, “They had over-committed to the sponsors and hadn’t briefed me! Look at the miscommunication! They took me to a venue where I was told to do interactions while the makers were busy eating food and drinking beer. Raat bhar khao, daaru piyo (eat all night and drink)- but is this the way you treat a lady? Nobody came down to see me off till the car, and while I was on my way down they tried to stop me. When I reached the car I was supposed to travel in, I realized that they had frisked the keys before I got into it.”

We just hope that no actress had to go through what Zareen went through.

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