Yusuf Pathan Suspended
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Yusuf Pathan Suspended for 5 months. Fails in Dope Test.

Yusuf Pathan Suspended for 5 months, Fails In Dope Test. Cricketer said – Expected to Return after January 14

Cricketer Yusuf Pathan Suspended. He has failed in the Dope Test. The BCCI has suspended him for 5 months.

Yusuf Pathan Suspended

Cricketer Yusuf Pathan has failed in the Dope Test. The BCCI has suspended him for 5 months. Yusuf said in the statement, “I had taken medication for a throat infection.” In the Dope test, the restricted substance was found in the drug. On October 27, 2017, I was informed by the BCCI that I failed in the Dope Test. ” Yusuf said, as soon as the ban over he will join the team back. According to Yusuf, his ban is ending on January 14.

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What instructions did the Board give to the Baroda Cricket Association?

According to media reports, the Board had told the Baroda Cricket Association after failing in the Dope Test last year that Yusuf should not be included in the Ranji team. This tournament has ended recently.

What Did Pathan Answer?

Yusuf said, “It is a matter of great pride for me to play for the country and my state, I will never do any such thing which will bring my motherland and state in any kind of disrepute. I assured the Baroda Cricket Association, BCCI, and my fans to trust me and from next time  I will be careful while taking any medication. I would also like to thank the board for allowing me to plead my case in a fair and reasonable manner. ”

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Why was the action taken on Yusuf?

According to the report, “Yusuf took a medicine, which contained a prohibited substance. Any player is allowed to take the medication only when he has already obtained the permission. But, Yusuf and the doctors took no permissions. ”

Yusuf has not played cricket since?

“Yusuf’s dope test was done during the last Ranji session.” Yusuf then played only one match from Baroda. After the action of the board, Yusuf Pathan has not played any match since Oct. 2017. ”

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On How Many Cricketers Such Actions Were Taken?

So far, two Indian cricketers have failed in the Dope Test, including Yusuf Pathan. Prior to Pathan, Delhi’s bowler Pradeep Sangwan was found to be guilty in the Dope Test. During the IPL 2012, Sangwan was found guilty of using restricted medication. An 18-month ban was imposed on them.

Yusuf Pathan Suspended
Yusuf Pathan Suspended .Pic Courtesy: Dainik Bhaskar

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