Weirdest Foods From Around The World


10. Kiwano

Kiwanos are an unusual melon/cucumber relative initially from New Zealand. The outside looks more like something from a 80s side-scroller than a natural product, and within is much more unusual. Generally when something is that green, it is overflowing out of a dead outsider, and to be completely forthright, isn’t genuine. In any case, they are. When I was a child, the supermarket (the market on the off chance that you experienced childhood with an army installation) had them once and I talked my mom into getting one. I then burned through 2 weeks gazing at it, thinking about whether it would shout at me and club me to death in the event that I attempted to cut (it didn’t).

9. Winged serpent Fruit

Otherwise called Pitaya, the mythical beast natural product satisfies its name in appearance. All things considered, it would seem that an improving current workmanship fire, and within, well, that is the thing that I figured a mythical beast must look like within. They initially originate from Mexico and New Mexico, however are entirely prominent in the eastern world now and developed intensely in the islands of Indonesia, up crosswise over South East Asia, in Australia and even similar to Israel.


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