Weird But Interesting Facts
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Weird But Interesting Facts. These Weird Things Were Normal In Past.

5. Baby seat

Weird But Interesting Facts
Baby Seater- Weird But Interesting Facts

Modern cars have a comfortable seat arrangement for baby. But during the 50-60s this baby seat was very strange. Comfort is not nominal in this seat, it was made of metal.

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6. Speaking To Souls

Weird But Interesting Facts
Weird But Interesting Facts

Some people still claim to talk to souls and this is not a big deal. But today it is not so common. During the 19th, people were used to talk with the spirits of their dear ones through different mediums.

7. Breast Massager

Weird But Interesting Facts
Ancient Breast Massager

Looking at some inventions, it seems that there was more tension among people about beauty. Brest washer and massager had already come in 1930.

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8. Suntan Wedding Machine

Weird But Interesting Facts
Sun Tan Removal Machine

When we get out in the sun and we get tanned, then we start crying. But there was a time when tanning shades are considered good in some countries. You can see that this picture of US during 1949 has a vending machine for tanning. So it was the pasty things in the past.

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