Weird But Interesting Facts
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Weird But Interesting Facts. These Weird Things Were Normal In Past.

These Might sound little Weird but Ancient people Used to do this as a Hobby. Weird But Interesting Facts.

You will be stunned after reading this article. Weird But Interesting Facts.

Sometimes, when a new invention arrives, we get excited to use it. Right? Some gadgets also do not seem to work at all. But after a while, they become our needs.

We all know that when we look many years back or if we see our ancestors we see things very differently. Just imagine, how it would be if today’s generation uses landlines to speak over phones. It would be quite weird! Right? While many of us have seen the time when there was no landline in our own house. There was a neighbor or telephone booth for the phone to go. Now it is surprising if we think about that period too.

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Today we will talk about some similar things which were very common during the 1940-50 and if we see them today they will look very weird.

1. Faceless Beauty Contest

Weird But Interesting Facts
Weird But Interesting Facts

In today’s beauty contest, girls are judged on their face as well as figure. But what organizers were trying to judge in this contest, it is beyond comprehension. This picture is of beauty contest in Cliftonville in 1936.

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2. Postmortem photography

All you want to do is save pictures of your loved ones. Usually, a picture of a body is not taken. You will be shocked to know that many decades ago, the photo of the dead body was photographed and kept in memory.

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3. Hair Straightening with Iron

Weird But Interesting Facts
Clothing Iron hair Straightening

When the hair straighteners were not in the trend, you would also have your hair straightened with a clothing iron. This cycle has been going on for several decades and at one time, professionals also use to use this method to straighten the hairs.

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4. Marlboro Cigarette

Weird But Interesting Facts
Weird But Interesting Facts

Marlboro is a big brand of Cigarettes, but it is always stuck in controversies. In the 1960s, it had included children in the cigarette’s ad. Think of yourself, is it possible today?

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