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The War In France With Extraterrestrials will Begin !

As the sights of UFO are rising and Hilary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman pushing to get out more classified knowledge on extraterrestrial life, a little city of France wants to potentially mess it for all of us.

Claude Avril who is currently the  mayor of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France, said that he will never overturn a  law which is 62 years old that prohibits the “flying over, landing, or taking off of flying saucers” in his town.

According to Law: “Any aircraft, known as flying saucer or flying cigar, which should land on the territory of the community will be immediately held in custody.”

In an interview with with France Bleu, Mayor Avril says ,  “I’m not going to touch the ban. It spices things up a bit. It creates a harmless kind of buzz and no one is getting tricked.”

Obviously, with catastrophic intergalactic diplomacy things become more exciting. Advanced death rays vaporizing law enforcement to facilitate an alien jailbreak would make for some “harmless buzz.” It’s all good, just the future of mankind we’re talking about here.

As per the Telegraph, “The 1954 law was established after a man in northern France said he had seen two figures that looked like “deep sea divers” emerging from a “cigar-shaped” space ship.”

According to Jeune’s son, Elie Jeune,   the law was nothing but just a publicity stunt that persists to this day.

He said “At that time, people were talking a lot about extraterrestrials and the unknown, it was in fashion, and there were loads of stories circulating. He wanted to make a bit of an advertisement for Châteauneuf. It was an excellent publicity stunt… and free.”

In the last few says, a man who has involvement with the U.N.’s UFO-related activities says his news, and reports of sights of UFO in cities of Phoenix and Vienna are getting viral on the internet. Documents released by Wikileaks purport to show that Hillary Clinton is ready to talk about flying saucers with the American public. All signs point to first contact being near. But this guy in France wants to put it all in danger for a little publicity.