War Declared By Reddit Users On Clinton’s Paid Internet Trolls !

The main concern among reddit users is that Correct The Record’s paid internet commenters are suppressing revelations from WikiLeaks’ release of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails, as a result of which there is a  flood of harming revelations about the Clinton campaign in big numbers.

A Reddit mascot is shown at the company

Reddit describes itself as the first page of internet which shows what is trending on the web. It is divided into a number of sub reddits also known as communites each focusing on a different topic.
The performance of the post depends on the upvotes and downvotes recieved by it.
Correct The Record is open about it’s trying to combat “lies and misleading narratives about Secretary Hillary Clinton” on Reddit, to which  one million dollars has been devoted by it.
If a post is “downvoted” intentionally by masses, could keep it from reaching huge audience on Reddit

But there is surity among some redditors that the PAC is actively trying to suppress negative stories about Hillary Clinton from the Podesta emails.

A sub reddit where Correct The Record appears to be unpopular is the subreddit /r/WikiLeaks, having above 60,000 subscribers and is focused on WikiLeaks-related news and topics.

A user posted “It looks like CTR is out in force and getting smarter. Don’t waste your time arguing, just dig!”

He added ”“Don’t let them eat up your time. Get to work digging or spreading. They’re wasting cash on man hours, don’t let them eat up yours.”

Whether or not, Correct The Record is doing what some Redditors say they’re doing — the PAC didn’t respond to an interview request from TheDC by press time — many reddit users believe the group is indeed suppressing negative stories about Hillary from the Podesta emails.

And it doesn’t look like those beliefs will change anytime soon.

Another post on reddit by “sockselgato,” “CTR is here to stay, even after this bad joke of an election and it is our duty as responsible and truth-abiding citizens to quash this wretched Thinkpol into oblivion.”