Vince McMahon Interested In Selling WWE !


Vince McMahon said he can accept offers to sell WWE. From the time when it started in 1948, the wrestling entertainment company has mostly been a family-controlled enterprise.

McMahon was asked if he want  to sell the business t in the near future, he replied: “We’re open to anything”. The 71-year-old, however, stressed that any takeover bid must be flexible to let WWE “control its own destiny”.

“Again we’re open to anything but I think that you know controlling your own destiny is so important,” McMahon says.  “And I don’t know how much you lose control over that you know by being absorbed or sold or what have you, but again, we’re open to anything, we’re business people.”

“So it’s not a question of if the right deal came along, it’s one of those things where if it’s a deal you couldn’t refuse, we’re listening,” he said. “Otherwise you know we’re creating our own content, which is extremely valuable as George said over all platforms and that’s important. The old content is king is true, maybe truer today than it’s ever been. So we’re open for business.”

McMahon further added, in context of the WWE’s future “We remain very bullish on our long-term opportunity with our WWE Network and the ability to distribute our content directly to our global audience”


“As far as television ratings are concerned, our brand extension we think continues to work very well. As far as is SmackDown as you know we went to a live format, it’s live format is about twice the ratings that were in the same time slot a year ago and is about 16% above what we were doing with SmackDown on a tape basis on Thursday nights on USA,” he said


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