Unique Indian Weddings

Unique Indian Weddings. Its Funny But Its Interesting.

Unique Indian Weddings. Someone did his wife ‘kanyadaan’ and some took vows in the crematorium.

Marriage is a beautiful moment in everyone’s life. It includes celebration, enjoyment, bride, groom, decorations, etc. This wedding season you must have come across some big fat wedding of Bollywood stars. These Unique Indian Weddings will bring a smile on your face.

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Marriage happens only once in life, oh sorry!*WINK* The first marriage happens once in a lifetime. That’s why everybody wants his wedding to be celebrated with full of joy, that can leave a memorable mark on people. That is why people spend more and more money on marriage. At the expensive place, with the costly decoration, the world’s luxurious marriages have become commonplace nowadays.

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But there are some people in our country who did some interesting things to make their wedding memorable.

So let us tell you about some of the Unique Indian Weddings

1. Groom on Cycle

Unique Indian Weddings
Unique Indian Weddings

Keeping in mind the message of ‘Save the Environment’ last year, a marriage took place. In which not only the groom but also the Barati reached on the bicycle and sent the message to save the environment. It was highly appreciated by the local people.

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2. Gold Rice

Unique Indian Weddings
Unique Indian Weddings

A few days ago, a wedding in Hyderabad grabbed the attention of a lot of headlines. In this wedding, guests were served with gold-lined rice. Hyderabad’s V. Sai Krishna, the caterer had arranged this arrangement.

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3. The girl became ‘Barati’

Unique Indian Weddings
Unique Indian Weddings

Usually, the boys visit the girl’s house in marriage. But in Singhholi village, not the groom but bride visited his house with Barat. Those rituals which are done in the house of the girl, got completed in grooms house. After that, the bride took the groom away with her.

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4. Wedding in crematorium

Unique Indian Weddings
Unique Indian Weddings

This may be a little awkward to hear but this marriage incident happened in Bhavnagar in Gujrat. The boys of the sadhu society and the girl from Koli Samaj got married in the Shamshan Ghat and they went round with a pyre.

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5. Bitter gourd juice

Unique Indian Weddings
Unique Indian Weddings

A wedding in Ajmer was such that special care was taken of physical health. The guests who came to the wedding were served with Aloe Vera, bitter gourd and Amla juice. Also, after the marriage was completed, books and plants were presented as gifts.

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