This Smashed iPhone 4S Costs $149,999 – Here’s Why

Once on eBay, it was noticed that an iPhone 4s is being sold, while it was six years old with a broken screen for $149,999. This news got viral. So, we will discuss this thing today. We all know that iPhones are very expensive and are in the list of premium phones. They have their name in the smartphone market because of their quality.

This Smashed iPhone 4S Costs $149,999

Well, you might be thinking that what’s the specialty for its sky touching price. Well, the reason for this is that at the phone’s back cover there is the name of Apple’s co-founder, that is Steve Jobs. It was said that ”To honor and to give tribute to late Steve Jobs 1 of only 56 iPhones is made.

This Smashed iPhone 4S Costs $149,999 – Here’s Why

Jonathan Mak once designed a modified logo of Apple on that broken iPhone not only for its creativity but also to show respect and to give tribute to Steve Jobs after he was dead. That logo was on the back panel of that iPhone that was on the sale. Also, the back panel of that broken iPhone reads “Steve Jobs 1955-2011”.

The following design just became more and more famous in the low period of time, but as due to the design  Apple earned a lot, some other companies also tried to make a copy of that design given by Jonathan Mak. But those were an unlicensed product.

The one of the known company that was “Godgenie company” also used this logo, this company was also known as it manufacture some special model of iPhone 4S.

But due to some casualties, Godgenie company made only 56 devices that were special and got high earning by smartphone market.

This Smashed iPhone 4S Costs $149,999 – Here’s Why

Well after that in your mind the question might me rising that the following logo was Godgenie made or not?

It was not!! One way to identify was, the Godgenie’s iPhone which was actually fake were with the golden back panel.  As the original one was with transparent glass. Well since it was on the sale in the online shop which was eBay it was claimed to be “Fake Limited Edition.”

So this was the reason for this broken iPhone with its sky touching price on eBay.