Here Are 10 Things We do Wrong Everyday!!!

Do you know there is always a mistake that you do in every of your activity? There is always a perfect way of doing something. We human beings are fond of praising ourselves that what is the problem. There are a lot of things that we do wrong in our life and here are some of them and how to actually do them.

Here Are 10 Things We do Wrong Everyday!!!

#1. Drinking Coke Through Straw.

Here Are 10 Things We do Wrong Everyday!!

Drinking a coke through a straw and keep the straw through the hole in the can it could help stop leakage on the upward surface.

#2. Making a perfect fried egg.

Next time when you make fried eggs use onion, cut it into the ring shape and put frying egg inside the ring.

#3. Joining Wires together.

Flip them over so as stop them from getting apart.

#4. Peeling Garlic.

Put the bulb of the garlic in a container and screw the lid.

#5. Doing a Manicure.

Follow the image to get best-painted nails.

#6. Refrigerating Drink Quickly.

Use a dump paper and wrap it around the bottle and it will be cooled in 15 min.

#7. Tying Shoelaces.

Follow the diagram so that the shoelaces will never come apart till you untie them.

#8. Making an ice cream sandwich.

Follow the diagram to create best ice cream sandwich.

#9. Opening plastic packaging.

Instead of Scissor use a can opener.

#10. Folding a T-Shirt Like a Boss.

Follow the instruction above to get it better.