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There are many diets all over the world that promise you numerous health benefits. But the best diet is “THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET“.

mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet has been long promoted in the world for its health benefits.

Not only does it helps to cure depression, but getting like a Greek can help in weight loss, heart disease and even control blood sugar level. A study on Mediterranean Diet suggests that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean proteins may help treat major depression issues.

Follow these simple steps and add more Mediterranean style eating to your diet, for amazing health benefits.

1.Use Oil

mediterranean diet

Whenever possible use oil in your food. Yes, this sounds weird because all the diets out there tells us that oil is bad for health. But few drops of oil help you get those health benefits ,you always wanted. Oil has various antioxidants that help you get a clear skin ! (yay!).

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Opt oil instead of butter while roasting veggies and topping pop corns. Use oil for home made salad dressings and marinades as well .

2. Swap out chicken for omega-rich fish

mediterranean diet

People now-a-days lay more focus on lean protein like chicken . But swapping out THAT lean source of protein to fish will help you more. Fish has its own pros- it is good for hair and skin. Don’t get stuck out with the monotonous diet including only lean protein. Treat your family to an omega-rich serving of fresh fish.

3. Use HERB for GLOW

Mediterranean food is rich in herbs like oregano , dill and basil. Add herbs to your veggies, soups and salads for that flavorsome diet.

4. Go Nuts!

mediterranean diet

Replace the chips in your side drawer with unsalted nuts. IF you are on weight loss and are crazy about chocolates,  don’t worry. we have got you covered!. Freeze the almonds and eat them when you have a craving for chocolate(voila!). Walnuts are high in heart-healthy omegas. Nuts are bit high in calories, so be cautious of the portion size. Don’t go total nuts over the NUTS!


5. Opt for whole Grains.

Fortunately, the abundance of commercially available whole grains is at an all-time high. If you are not in the mood for whole grain rice or bread. Try quinoa, oats, bulgur, farro and even buckwheat.

6. Add veggies to everything

mediterranean diet

According to most dieticians, every plate should consist of at least half fruits and vegetables. EVEN BREAKFAST. Since majority of us don’t get the time to cook this time for breakfast. You can add these veggies and fruits to your smoothies.

Incorporate these simple steps from the Mediterranean Diet and enjoy the amazing health benefits.

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