The Best 5 Tourist Spots For Animal Lovers

1) Koi Phi Phi, Thailand: Cats

This Thai destination is a heaven for those who are purely cat lovers. They wander in the streets here, cuddle with each other, playing freely whatsoever and wherever they want without any obligations. And the best thing is that Shopkeepers and residents do not mind any cat action! They all are cat lovers!

2) Zao Fox Village, Japan: Foxes

Somewhere in the books of Japanese culture, foxes are known as the messenger of gods, clever monsters, or even god themselves ! In a village near Shiroishi Foxes roam and live freely even in the Residential and crowded areas And even you buy fox food and feed them but with some care. Amazing right?

3) Oahu Waterfalls, New Zealand: Seal Pups

At the streams of Oahu you can find a small but beautiful waterfall where the seals can be seen easily. They just swim and relax there at any time of day and they are large in number too at oahu waterfalls. Do not make any noise or don’t enter in water as they feel it dangerous.

4) Tarsier Sanctuary, Bohol: Tarsier

The animal tarsier is associated with the region of the archipelago. Due to tarsier’s sensitivity in nature, Sanctuaries are made to preserve their lives so that the population won’t fall down quickly. In this sanctuary, guides will acknowledge you about every thing regarding tarsier and their habitats. You can take their pictures but avoid sounds and flashlights that might disturb them.

5) Nara, Japan: Deer


Deer is the symbol of city of Nara & There are About 12k deers in the parks of nara whom you can feed and observe. You can enjoy the large number of deers passing by you freely in the parks and natural environment. Deers are peaceful but don’t touch or disturb them which might make them think that you’re dangerous and they can attack on you just for defense.

These were the most renowned and amazing animal lover places that must be visited once in a life !