Then And Now: Bigg Boss Contestants

1. Manveer Gurjar Manveer Gurjar was one of the most grounded candidate in the house. Manveer went into the Bigg Boss house with a long beard and was truly possessive about it. Notwithstanding, in one of the errands inside the house, he slashed his facial hair for closest companion Manu Punjabi. His change made him […]


Cities From Mahabharat: Then And Now

#1. Gandhar This city had been a vital place in both puranic kathas, Mahabharata and Ramayana. In Mahabharata, it was the home of Drithrashtra’s better half Gandhari. Her sibling, Shakuni, was the ruler of Gandhar. In the present day, this area can be found in Sindh Pradesh. It is toward the north of the Indian […]