Surveen Chawla Married
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Surveen Chawla Revealed ” Yes I Am Married”.

Surveen Chawla Tied Knot With Her Long Time Boyfriend Akshay Thakker In Italy in 2015. Left Everyone In Shock.

Surveen Chawla Married
Surveen Chawla Married. Pic Courtesy: Zee News

For all die-hard fans of Surveen Chawla, There is a bad news for all. Surveen Chawla is already married! Yes, You heard it right. Surveen Chawla left everyone in Shocked when she revealed that she is already married. Surveen Chawla Married her longtime BF.

Many Celebrities got hitched this year. While we were obsessing over Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s Wedding, Hate Story 2 actress Surveen revealed that she is already married. We just can’t keep our eyes off from the adorable Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s Wedding and Honeymoon Photos. Here comes the other Celebrity whose marriage pics made all of us go Aww. It was a dream Wedding in Italy. And Surveen was looking like a real Princess in a white gown.

Surveen Chawla Married
Surveen Chawla Married

Surveen Chawla tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend  Akshay Thakker who is a businessman. They had a secret fairytale wedding on July 28, 2015, in Italy. She posted pictures of her marriage on Instagram and wrote took to social media to share the news with her fans.

She wrote, “And just like that, right in the middle of an extraordinary life, love gave us a fairy tale… #Married #bliss #EternalLove #GiveUsYourLove&Blessings.” Surveen Chawla Married in 2015.

Zaheer Khan and Sagarika also got hitched this year, where the duo couple looked adorable in their wedding ceremony. The couple also shared pictures of their Post-wedding which created buzz on the Internet and Social Media.

Surveen Chawla Married To Akshay Thakker quoted by saying:

“Yes, I am married. I have known Akshay for long. It was a personal choice to not talk about the marriage. We wanted to break the news just before our Indian wedding, which was scheduled to take place this month. However, we had to postpone it to 2018, following a loss in the family.”

Surveen also revealed why she made her wedding a secret affair :

In a quintessential Indian wedding, the couple is surrounded by guests. But we wanted the day to ourselves; the idea was to enjoy each and every moment with each other and with those who matter the most. Also, I always wanted a white wedding in a chapel located in a castle. Fortunately, Akshay shared the same dream and that’s how we zeroed in on a picturesque castle in Northern Italy. It took me six months to finalize the venue. Since I am a die-hard romantic, there was no other way I would have done it.”

She also spoke about how she met Akshay and what made her decide to marry him.

“It was organic. We began spending a lot of time together. There was no official proposal. We just knew that we wanted to be with each other. Akshay hates media glare and is a simple guy. He respects my individuality and understands me and my profession. Most importantly, he lets me be the person I am.”

Surveen further added, “He is the calming effect in my life. He made me understand the true meaning of letting go. Akshay has made me a better person. The idea behind the union of two people is to help each other evolve. The best part is that he is not from the industry and that helps me remain grounded. It’s a great feeling to go back home to someone who has different things to talk about with a unique perspective.”

The couple is busy in arranging for their Indian wedding that is going to take place in January 2018.

We wish a very happy married life to Surveen and Akshay.

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