Surprising Evidence Proving Ramayana Might Have Existed In Real

#1. Impressions of Lord Hanuman


Hanuman is known for his quality and power. At specific spots, there are monster impressions of him that indicate his reality. The impressions can be found in Sita Eliya, Sri Lanka, and Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh.

#2. Ram Setu

Since nobody aside from Hanuman in Rama’s armed force could fly, it is trusted that an extension, Ram Setu, was worked around then amongst India and Sri Lanka. All things considered, NASA discharged a picture of an antiquated man-made scaffold that once existed between the two nations. Be that as it may, it is submerged at this point!


#3. Floating Stones of Ram Setu

According to Ramayana, the Ram Setu was based on the Indian Ocean with the assistance of the skimming stones. What’s more, even after such a large number of hundreds of years, the gliding stones are available in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. At the point when flown in water, these stones don’t sink yet continue gliding.


#4. Sanjeevani Mountain


At the point when Lakshman was harmed taking after Indrajit’s assault, Lord Hanuman traveled to the Himalayas to search for the sanjeevani herb for him. When he couldn’t distinguish the herb, he brought the whole mountain. That Sanjeevani Mountain still is the natural surroundings of an assortment of colorful herbs and is in Dronagiri, Himalayas.


#5. Ashok Vatika


As per Valmiki’s content, Ashok Vatika is the lovely woodland where Ravana kept Sita as his hostage. This place is presently known as Hakgala Botanical Garden and stands near the city of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

#6. Sita Eliya


Bordering the Ashok Vatika, is Sita Eliya, which is a lake and plunges from the mountains. It is trusted that this where Sita washed.


#7. Konda Kattu Gala


After her shower, Sita sat on a stone to dry her hair, subsequently, the place got its name-Konda Kattu Gala. It was a ‘ladies just’ range, and Ravana moved Sita here from Ashok Vatika taking after Hanuman’s visit. The lake is said to have framed of Sita’s tear drops and still exists in Welimada Area, Sri Lanka.


#8. Lepakshi


Whenever Jatayu, a demigod in vulture shape, attempted to prevent Ravana from stealing Sita, he slaughtered him. While he was taking his final breath, he was gone by Lord Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman. Here, Rama articulated “Le pakshi”, which signifies, “rise flying creature”. Lepakshi exists as a sanctuary today in Andhra Pradesh, and has impressions of Lord Hanuman.


#9. Koneswaram Temple


According to Ramayana, Ravana was an enthusiast of Lord Shiva. Individuals of Sri Lanka were such a great amount in stunningness with this devotion that they manufactured a sanctuary, Koneswaram, in Sri Lanka, to love the admirer.


#10. Kanniya


Kanniya, the heated water wells that were worked by Ravana in and around the sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, still exist.