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‘Khelo Magar Pyaar Se’-Sunny Leone’s Navratri themed Condom ad

‘Khelo Magar Pyaar Se’-Sunny Leone Navratri Themed Condom Ad creates controversies in Gujarat

“Aa Navratri a Ramo, parantu prem thi!”

Sunny Leone Navratri Themed Condom Ad creates a protest in Gujarat after a Surat-based group took offense to the ad’s message.

“The hoardings of condom company with the message having double meaning had photo of Sunny Leone. It has hurt our religious sentiments,” Dharmesh Gami, President of Bhartiya Gauraksha Manch said.

Sunny Leone Navratri Themed Condom Ad
Sunny Leone Navratri Themed Condom Ad

Festivals are the right time to advertise the product. It is the time when companies try their hard to earn and boost sales and attract more and more customers.(Sunny Leone Navratri Themed Condom Ad)

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A hoarding of Sunny Leone sending out a ‘Play Safe’ message featuring Condom Ad has fired up the protests and controversies from various saffron groups, including the Bhartiya Gau Raksha Samithi in Surat.

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The photo says, “Aa Navratri Ramo Parantu Prem thi.” (This Navratri, play, but with love) Commissioner of Police has ordered the hoardings to be removed.

The billboards in Surat, Gujarat with Sunny dressed in a traditional attire and the message  “Aa Navratri Ramo Parantu Prem thi.” Which means This Navratri, play, but with love has hurt many religious sentiments.

Selling or advertising film or product is still fine but recently a Condom company featuring Sunny Leone motivating Gujarati’s to ‘play safe’, which is not only a message but it gives a double meaning message to the people and the people of Gujarat are not happy with this.

There are orders to remove the hoardings. Surat commissioner said:

“We have received complaints from the public and we brought down the hoardings.”

Navratri is one of the most important festivals for Hindus.

Here is what Twitter have to say about this:

“Though they have not used the word condom in their banner but the intention is very clear as the combination of words like ‘play’, ‘love’ and ‘Navratri’ are coined above the large logo of Manforce,” Confederation Of All India Traders National Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said in the letter, reported PTI.

“Their large banners in cities across Gujarat are shouting out to encourage youths to use Manforce condoms in the name of Navratri festival,” Mr. Khandelwal added.

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