Sunny Leone Becomes Proud Mother Again
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Sunny Leone Becomes Proud Mother Again! Blessed With 2 More Kids.

Sunny Leone Becomes Proud Mother Again! Blessed with 2 More Kids.

From being a couple to become a proud parent, there is a beautiful feeling in itself. Life changes completely after a baby enters the house. His first smile, the first step taken from his little legs and calling mom dad from his mouth is the best feeling ever. Sunny Leone Becomes Proud Mother Again of two twins and the fans just can’t keep calm.

Sunny Leone Becomes Proud Mother Again

Nowadays, surrogacy is on the move. Director-producer Karan Johar and actor Tushar Kapoor have also become single parents due to this. Apart from them, Abram, the son of Shahrukh and Gauri Khan, has also been born from surrogacy. The names of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone have also been included in these celebrities. Recently, she became the mother of two twins. Who are these two new guests? Read on to know this story.

She also shared her experience when she started her career in Acting. She was also a victim of cyberbullying. In a recent interview, Sunny revealed about her horrifying experience of Cyber Stalking.

Sunny took to Instagram to share her happiness, she gave the good news to all her fans. She shared a picture of her two new members.


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Taking to Instagram, the diva surprised her fans by the announcement of having two more kids included in their little family. Sunny shared a picture of her two newborn boys along with her daughter and husband. Sunny Leone is one of the most searched on Google. This 14-year-old boy searched this on the Internet- Father Shocked.

She also informed everyone that the boys have been named Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber.

With the photograph, she also wrote a heart-warming message,

“God’s Plan!! June 21st, 2017 was the day @dirrty99 and I found out that we might possibly be having 3 children within a short amount of time. We planned and tried to have a family and after so many years our family is now complete with Asher Singh Weber, Noah Singh Weber, and Nisha Kaur Weber. Our boys were born a few weeks ago but were alive in our hearts and eyes for many years. God planned something so special for us and gave us a large family.We are both the proud parents of three beautiful children. Surprise everyone!

In 2011, Sunny found her true love in Daniel Weber and got married to him. We can see how madly they are in love with each other in the pics. Check out if these 8 famous brands Make Condoms, It would be fun.


Her husband Daniel also took to Twitter to share his happiness.

A few months back Sunny Leone Navratri Themed Condom Ad created a buzz on social media and news channels.

Last year the couple adopted and gave their name to a little baby girl who was rejected by many couples. Today, they are proud parents of Nisha Weber, Sher Singh Weber, Noah Singh Weber who has brought a great happiness in the couple’s life. Recently Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel were seen posing for a nude photo shoot where they pose to support The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, PETA. The way our baby doll Karenjit Kaur Turned Herself Into Sunny Leone is just remarkable.

Sunny Leone Becomes Proud Mother Again! Congratulations!

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