Take A look at the, Most Stressful Careers in India .

The whole world is busy building up their careers. Trying to get ahead of each other or running to get their dreams come true. We have seen people work day and night to make their career fruitful.  But there are some, Most Stressful Careers in India, that will give you an unhappy life.

Everyone wants to become an Engineer or a Doctor but home many of us want to do maintenance work. Well, let’s take a look at the Most Stressful Careers in India.

Most Stressful Careers in India

  1. Maintenance work- The work done by them is indispensable but maintenance work is the most unpaid and unorganized sector of our society. Let’s face it- how many of us thank these workers. Most Stressful Careers in India
  2. People working in the hospitality -Ever profession in this industry has to serve their customers. It doesn’t matter if they are waiters or delivery boys, chefs or even managers they just have to be on their best behaviour. And sometimes it can get quite irritating when they meet a bad client combined with the worst salary.Most Stressful Careers in India
  3. Healthcare jobs- People working in this department have to face quite dramatic situations. These people are – nurses, doctors, therapists etc, whose purpose is to take care of people on regular basis. It is very depressing to see someone in a bad position throughout their day.’Most Stressful Careers in India
  4. Social Workers
Most Stressful Careers in India
Most Stressful Careers in India

A social worker we think lead the most stressful life of all. They face traumatic situations while helping others or fighting for a cause. While they may or may not be appreciated for what they do, but they do end up sacrificing their peace of mind.

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