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Sofia Hayat Lashes Out On The Beauty Pageant. Says “Miss World Is Outdated.”

Sofia Hayat Lashes Out At Beauty Pageants. Says “Miss World Is Outdated.”

EX- Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat lashed out at beauty pageants.(Sofia Hayat Lashes Out At Beauty Pageants)

Sofia Hayat Lashes Out At Beauty Pageants
Sofia Hayat Lashes Out At Beauty Pageants

Haryana girl, Manushi Chillar who has been recently crowned as Miss World 2017 created a buzz not only on social media but also all across the nation.

People from all across the nation congratulated and greeted her with their blessings.

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Manushi who was competing with other 108 contestants from various countries, was flooded with congratulatory and blessing messages post her win.

After seventeen (17) Years Manushi brought this crown back to India.

Many people took to social media to express their happiness and pride. Even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Priyanka Chopra Congratulated Her on this achievement.

She has really made everyone proud!!!

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But there are some people who do not believe in the concept of beauty pageants and say that it should not even exist.

There are many people like Shashi Tharoor who made the joke of Manushi Chillar’s name and targeted the BJP government.

On the other hand, there are other people also who are not even in favor of these beauty contests and believes that beauty pageants disturbs the idea of beauty and send a wrong message to the world.

Sofia Hayat who calls herself the “mother of the human race” lashes out on the judges who judge these pageants and added that “beauty does not have a single face or form”.


Sofia Hayat Lashes Out At Beauty Pageants
Pic Courtesy: Zee News. Sofia Hayat Lashes Out At Beauty Pageants

Sofia called beauty pageants outdated:

She tweeted:


Are they still running this contest…I thought it died with the dinosaurs .. who judges beauty these days when beauty does not have a single face or form..you gotta laugh at such prehistoric ideals…
Beauty is not there to be judged..why isn’t a woman in a hijab there..or a Somalian with a lip plate there..or a painted American Indian..or a transgender..are they not beautiful?..why is there not a size 16 woman with curves or a bald woman?
Miss World is outdated..the real Miss World..is a woman who is Mother nature..a woman with a child..a woman who has stretch marks on her body to show she has lived..to show she like the world..is diverse and different..but mostly. Miss World would never allow herself to be judged by the standards of others..let alone a committee! Here is to the real Mrs and Miss Worlds of this beautiful planet. Our World..our earth..does not judge her children.
Namaste Shalom Salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa.

Expressing her views she further said:

Miss or Mrs. Worlds! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! We as women are not here to be judged by anyone!

She even asked people to boycott everything that puts an “ideal” them. Beauty should never be judged is the message that Sofia wants to spread in masses.



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Which one of these women is beautiful? If you chose anyone..think about where your ideals of beauty came from. They are all beautiful. Not one is more or less beautiful than the other. If you had 4 children, which one is more beautiful? Yes, it is sick to even think a mother should judge the beauty of her children..yet the media sets up competitions like this..which filter down to the children

Sofia Hayat Lashes Out At Beauty Pageants

Boycott anything that puts an “ideal” on you and the children of this Earth. You are not here to be judged. You are more than physical beings..and yet all of your physical is incredible. They try to put you in boxes..dictating that you must fit in one..but I say..create your own life..create your own ideals..beauty is not about what others say..it is what you want it to be. You are beautiful..and if only you were taught that, instead of being given a template of what it should be..you would all be happy with what and who you are right now!!! There is no template for beauty..because YOU ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL! Man..woman..transgender..big..small..tall..short…all of you are my Miss or Mrs World!
Namaste Shalom Salaam.
Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa

(As Mentioned in Sofia’s shared post on Instagram)

Don’t know what you think of her tweets. But keeping Manushi Chillar win aside. Sofia has stated the right points and we do agree with her.

What’s your opinion on this? You can share your feedback in our comments section below.

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