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8 pictures to show that Smog is taking over the capital

The pollution level in Delhi is so damn high that it is getting difficult to breathe. The pollution has lead to the formation of Delhi smog.

Delhi Smog, making it difficult to breathe.

From students to office goers, everybody traveling in the city witnessed the soaring pollution levels and some of them took to social media to share pictures of various parts of the city covered in smog.

What is Smog?

Smog is a type of air pollutant. The word “smog” was coined in the early 20th century as a portmanteau of the words smoke and fog to refer to smoky fog, its opacity, and odor.

Here are a few photos that show exactly how bad the situation really is, Delhi smog :

India Gate was almost invisible to the eyes with visibility dropping to 200 meters at 8:30 AM.

  1.  In Gurgaon, the Air Quality Index hit 357, which is lowest for the city and classified as ‘very poor’. 

  2. Smog has taken over the capital and people are suffering. Even the school going children suffered.

3. The condition in other NCR region was equally bad with Air Quality Index being really low in 12 out of 19 big stations. Delhi smog is the result of pollution.

Smog is taking over the capital

4. People posted health issues and asked others to stay at home as Smog is taking over the Capital.