I Bet You Dint Know These Secret Android Functions & Apps.

Android was founded in California by 4 people who wanted to develop a smarter mobile device. Google bought their Android Inc. for almost $50 million. By 2016 Android became so poular that now it has more than a billion users. Now all Android mobile brands are in the race to attract maximum users.

Here are some secret functions of Android:-

#1. Find your phone easily when it’s in silent mode.
When your phone is in silent mode and you have no idea where you kept it, just sign in with your Google ID and type ‘Find my Phone’. After that Chose option ‘Ring’.
Woahh!! Your phone rings. 

#2. Text-To-Speech
It’s difficult to read important text messages while driving. There are some third party applications which can voice read your text messages.

#3. Recover Deleted Notifications
Sometime we delete notifications by mistake without reading them. To fix that just goto phone widgets choose Settings Shortcut and select Notifications. Done, you will get back all your Notifications.

#4. Guest Mode
Sometimes your family members or friends would want to use your phone. By turning Guest Mode ‘ON’ you can stop them to view or access your files freely.