Right To Die
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People Now Have the Right To Die With Dignity said Supreme Court.

Right To Death Made Legal – Said Supreme Court.

Supreme Court has now made a decision that states People have the right to die with dignity. Now terminally ill patients have the right to refuse the treatment and die but on certain conditions. People now have the right to die with dignity.

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The Supreme Court also allowed the right to refuse medical treatment. Now the concept of ‘Living Will’ has been generated.

Right To Die
Right To Die

A living will is basically an archive that gives individuals a chance to express their desires for end-of-life medicinal care, in case that they wind up unfit to impart their choices.

“Any individual has the full right to decide that he cannot take any medical treatment.. the family has to respect that decision,” Prashant Bhushan, the petitioner said.

“Second, if a person gives an advance directive.. that also has to be honored by the doctors and his family.

Third, if a person is unconscious and has also has not expressed a will, the family and doctors can take a decision to withdraw artificial support system. No doctor or family member can be made culpable for withdrawing life support system…”

Bhushan even mentioned that it was not clear what the legal formalities are in the third case — when the patient is not conscious and neither has he or she left a living will.

The move will enable in critical condition of individuals to die as opposed to confronting agony or driving their family to bankruptcy.

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The judgment arrived in an appeal recorded by Common Cause, the NGO headed by Prashant Bhushan.

Not agreeing with the government completely, the bench had said that it would lay down norms governing how such living wills can be drawn up, executed and given effect to. “Now that you have decided to allow passive euthanasia, we have to evolve safely… The CJI had said.

“The individual’s will, his right will be thwarted in such a case,” he had said. …

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