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Richard Sherman says ‘If the NFL had its way, we would all be robots’

Richard Sherman blamed the NFL of putting efforts to take the fun out of professional football, and made a suggestion that TV ratings will continiously go down if the league continues on a quest to transform players into “robots”.

Sherman wrote in an amusing yet acerbic piece in the Players’ Tribune on Thursday that the NFL is guilty of inconsistency and hypocrisy when it has to punish players for extra celebrations. He also said that Roger Goodell, the commissioner, has extra and needs his authority controlled.

Sherman writes: “If the NFL had its way, we would all be robots. We would all be perfect human beings off the field so that the league would never have to deal with another PR nightmare and everybody would smile and nod and hand the ball over to the official after a touchdown or a big play.

“We play a game,” he further said. “Part of the joy of watching that game is seeing the emotion on display. Seeing the passion. If guys didn’t play with passion and just went out there and went through the motions, I think people would stop watching.”

“Antonio Brown can’t twerk after a touchdown because it’s sexually suggestive,” he wrote. “But every Sunday, on most sidelines, there are rows of cheerleaders doing the same types of moves to entertain the crowd. The NFL doesn’t want players to do anything that might set a bad example for the kids in its audience – such as showboat, or celebrate excessively – yet it features beer ads in all of its stadiums and in almost every commercial break. Josh Norman can’t shoot an imaginary bow and arrow after a big pick because the NFL says that it depicts a violent act. Meanwhile, the name of the team he plays for depicts Native Americans in a way that many people consider offensive.”