Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched
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Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched!

Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched! Things You Should Know About It.

Reliance is always in news for its offers and features they offer to their customers. This year, Reliance Jio brings another great news to its customers. Yes, now Reliance Jio’s payment bank has been started. This information is given by the Reserve Bank of India. Earlier, Anant, his elder brother, and sister Isha launched the Reliance Jio 4G phone. Good news For the Jio Lovers! Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched.

Let me tell you that Reliance Industries is among the 11 applicants who received the theoretical approval of the establishment of the payment bank in August 2015. According to the RBI, Jio Payment Bank has started operation as a payment bank from April 3, 2018.

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Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched
Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched

Now you ,You must be thinking, what new features and benefits we can get from this Bank. Right?

Bharti Airtel had first introduced the payment bank in November 2016. Following this, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma started the Paytm payment bank in 2017. In addition, many other companies also launched their payment bank during this period. Airtel and Paytm can get a tough competition from the arrival of Jio’s payment bank.

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Benefits You Will Get From Jio Payment Bank:

Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched
Reliance Jio Payment Bank Launched


  • Anybody can open a savings account in the Jio Payment Bank.
  • There is facility to deposit upto Rs. 1 lakh in this account.
  • Payment Bank Debit Card can also be issued.
  • Also, the payment bank will also have the option of giving general financial products like mutual funds and insurance products to the customer.

Businesses will get benefits from the payment bank.

The first advantage can be for small businessmen. Under this, salary accounts can also be opened in the payment bank for a business of 5-6 employees. With payment bank, Banking through mobile will also get easy, you will also get rid of visiting the Banks.

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Open Your Account In Jio Payment Bank:

If you want to open your account in Jio Payment Bank, then its process is very easy.

  • First of all, you have to install the App of Jio Payment Bank.
  • Sign up with your Jio number.
  • After this, you need to link your Aadhaar Number with your Payment Bank.
  • If you need a debit / ATM card, you can update the address.

Jio Executive will come to your home for eKYC for Customer Exhibition Identification for Payment Bank Account. Physical verification and thumb impression. Apart from this, you can also make verification by visiting Jio Payment Bank’s Authorized Center.

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