10 Reasons for Getting married – by Indian Society

reasons for getting married.

There are some who have got married, some who are dying to get married. And some who don’t want to get married. There are reasons for getting married- by Indian society.

The Indian Society has enough reasons for getting you married.

The final hurdle of a youngster is to get “settled”. But some of us are set aside by our fate. Our parents, family, friends want us to succeed.

But Indian society gives us enough reasons for getting married.

Right after when a girl reaches a certain age or as soon as guys start earning. They are forced by the reasons for getting married.  NO, you can’t enjoy life. You just have been born to study , earn and get married!(duuhh!).

Here are 10 extraordinary reasons for you to get married.  ASAP!

1.Because padhai khatam ho gai hai and all you are left to achieve is – shaddi.

reasons for getting married.

2.Because all of your friends are getting married and its time for you to find someone too.

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reasons for getting married.

Nope! Love doesn’t matter when you have to get married. The main reason is that you are feeling lonely.!::P

3. Because the girl is way too pretty and the guy is a millionaire .

reasons for getting married.

4. You won’t be able to conceive after a certain age.

I mean, seriously? This should be the reason for us to get married? so that we can have children! What if, we don’t want to have children. then?

Can’t we get married now, huh!?

5. Because you have a younger sibling you have to get married off.

reasons for getting married.

So, what if we have a younger sibling.? If he wants to get married, he should. There is no point spoiling our future for the younger once.

6. Because it’s your grandparent’s last wish.

reasons for getting married.

7. Because you’ll get all the attention and new clothes.( furniture included)

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reasons for getting married.

8.Because it is the perfect time as per your kundali.

reasons for getting married.

9. It will make your life complete.

reasons for getting married.

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10. Because Zindagi ki Yehi reet hai.

reasons for getting married.

Side note: convincing right!?

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