Stop Rape!
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If Rape does not Stop, Culprits would be exactly Punished like this.

Girls ! Here is what we should do now.If Rapes do not Stop, Culprits would be exactly punished like this.

Today’s Breaking news! Rape Punishment!

  • 7 yr old girl raped and brutally murdered by 5 men.(Rape)
  • UP: 17-year-old girl abducted, gang-raped for 10 days.(Rape)
  • Shocking: 70-year-old mother accuses 45-year-old son of raping her for two years

    Rape Abuse


These are some of the lists of rape news that we hear every day in our daily life. Molestation, harassment, fondling, forcible sodomy, acid attacks… Page after page and day after day we get to read headlines and articles, newspapers containing these brutal words. A disbelief strikes us when we throw our eyes on the harrowing number of crime against women that are taking place today.

Today rape cases in India have raised more than any other happening in society. Women were never safe neither they can be if this society still not get active. Rape cases are an alarming issue today and our judicial system is disabled to take any action.

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Today also Rapists are roaming free. This is because our Judicial system is not strong.The perverts are taken into custody for some years and they are let free. But why? After spoiling and giving nightmares to the girl for her whole life is equal to these some years in Jai?

When Rape is committed and the girl is dead then the common people are decent enough to come out for candle marches, nothing really seems to be helping.

So it’s a big question. What should Women do now? Should they run away from the city or the country?


Women are left with no options because of these perverts, but now they themselves have to take their own care.While this seems to be very impractical, a group of brave girls who are out to take revenge of something wrong that had happened with one of their friends will surprise you like anything.

If Rape do not Stop, Culprits would be exactly punished like this.


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