Priyank's EX-GF Divya Enters Big Boss House
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Priyank’s EX-GF Divya Enters Big Boss House And Leaves Him In Tears.

Priyanka’s EX-GF Divya Enters Big Boss House And Leaves Him In Tears.

Television’s most loved controversial show Salman Khan with Bigg Boss 11 has always been able to entertain its viewers to the fullest.Priyanka’s EX-GF Divya Enters Big Boss House.

Big Boss 11 contestant Priyank is very much in news these days for his behavior and break up with his Girlfriend Divya Agarwal.

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Priyanka's EX-GF Divya Enters Big Boss House

Big boss is all about Drama.But this week episode is going to be quite emotional.

The Big Boss 11 contestants will get a surprise visit from their family members and loved ones.

But here is the twist, It is a luxury budget task and Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to play the game of statue while family members will come to visit them. They cannot move until and unless Big Boss release them.

Yes! this seems to be an interesting game, but the contestants are not able to get control over their emotions and broke down into tears on the national television.

whether its Puneesh Sharma or Hiten Tejwani, all broke down after seeing their family members.

All the contestants were ordered to be frozen. First comes Puneesh Sharma’s Dad. As soon as he enters the big boss house all were ordered to be frozen.

Upon ‘Release’ Puneesh was seen overwhelmed with emotions and hugged his dad tightly.

Other than Puneesh Sharma’s Dad, Vikas Gupta’s mother, Shilpa Shinde’s mother and Priyank Sharma’s estranged girlfriend Divya Agarwal also visited Big Boss House.

Shilpa’s mother shared some advice to the contestants. Her words made them overwhelmed with emotions and eyes wet.

While everyone was having a great time with their family members. Priyank was not aware that his ex-girlfriend will enter the show.

As soon as Divya entered the Big Boss House, Priyank was startled and was shocked to see her. He was left miserable.

Priyanka's EX-GF Divya Enters Big Boss House

She kneels down and said Priyank:

“Remember me?” 

“Just here to tell you, you are not this Priyank. Bahut hurt kiya hai tune bahut si ladkiyon ko, including me. Jitna kamaya, bahut nuksaan ho gaya hai. Maine bahut had tak support kiya tumhe. Bahut ladi tumhare liye. Maine apni existence dekhi nahi kahin pe yahaan pe. Abhi bhi time hai. Make it up.” 

She also tells Priyank that no one’s his friend inside the house apart from Vikas and even asks him to listen to him. “You don’t need anyone, you are enough for yourself,”.

Divya’s words left Priyank broke into tears. Divya wiped his tears and said she was here to scold him but she melts after seeing him.

Divya thanked Vikash and left the house.

Priyank Sharma will also be seen doing his first debut in Karan Johar’s film.

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