Pakistani model Alishba claims she met Mohammed Shami
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Pakistani model Alishba claims she met Mohammed Shami in Dubai

Pakistani model Alishba claims she met Mohammed Shami in Dubai By Coincidence- The Story Takes a U-Turn.

Recently the news of a cricketer personal life created a buzz on social media.  Mohammed Shami’s Wife Filed a Case Against Her Husband and the screenshots posted by her are the proofs. But Shami still says that these charges upon him is not true and he still loves his wife. Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan took the help of social media to reveal the bitter truth of her married life. Recently after all allegations made upon the alleged relationship between Shami and Alishba. The story takes a U-Turn. Pakistani model Alishba claims she met Mohammed Shami in Dubai By Coincidence.

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Few days back, On her evidence, Jahan posted several screenshots of Shami’s WhatsApp and Messenger chats, that left everyone shocked. The dirty chats with these women’s proved that Shami was allegedly having affairs with them. Recently MS Dhoni Stunned Everyone With His reply To Ajit Agarkar’s Comment.

Jahan even mentioned that she kept quiet because she loved Shami.

But, finally, she spoke up when she lost her patience and the torches she faced for last few months.

“This in only 10 per cent of his vulgar chatting,” Hasin had claimed after posting screenshots of Shami’s alleged chats on social media platforms. “There’s this girl named Alishba. He left South Africa on February 17, he also got the tickets of this girl booked. Both stayed together in a Dubai hotel, shared a room together and had sex. All this planning was going on from January.

Pakistani model Alishba claims she met Mohammed Shami
Pakistani model Alishba claims she met Mohammed Shami

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“There’s a long list of women, prostitutes, teenagers, students, self employed from around the world whether it is West Indies or Nigeria or any part of the world. In India, girls are from Nagpur, Indore, Bangalore and many more cities,” she said.

Hasin also released recording of an alleged phone call with Shami where the mail voice (apparently Shami’s according to Hasin), is heard saying he met Alishba in Dubai to collect money sent by one Mohammad bhai.

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Whereas, Alishba denies the charges and said,

 “I met Shami in Dubai. I frequently travel to Dubai as my sister stays in Sharjah. As a person, I really like Shami. As any fan that has idolized a celebrity, they always dream of meeting their idol. I have a lot of respect for him and we became good friends. We had a normal conversation,”

She even denied the exchange of money which Jahan was referring to!

 “There was no money involved between Shami and me. We just met as friends, spent some time together, had breakfast and then I left for Sharjah to my sister.

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“It was a coincidence that we met in Dubai. I had planned to visit my sister in Dubai beforehand and coincidently Shami was also returning home via Dubai from South Africa. I met Shami in the morning of [February] 18. I boarded the flight on 17th night and it was past midnight when I reached Dubai. From the airport, I went to my sister’s place and met Shami on 18th morning around 8-9 am. We had breakfast together at the hotel. It was normal meeting just a like a fan meets a celebrity. I was with him for a maximum one hour. We had breakfast together and chatted. After that I came back to my sister’s place.”

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She even said that,

“I am one of his followers on Instagram, which is how I became Shami’s friend. Just like he has lakhs of followers, I am one among those normal fans. I have sent him messages. When India lost to Pakistan in the ICC Champions Trophy final, I had heard that some Pakistani fan made fun on Shami. I was eager to know who Mohammed Shami is. So, that is when I went to his page and messaged him. That is where and when we started to have conversations,” she said.


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