Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings
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Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings- पद्मावत फिल्म

Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings- पद्मावत फिल्म

Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings- पद्मावत फिल्म
Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings- पद्मावत फिल्म

Leaving all the controversies behind, Padmaavat- पद्मावत फिल्म is all set ready to release on 25th January 2018. After months of silently dealing with the controversies and allegation, Padmavat is ready to release this Thursday. Earlier the Film Director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali released a video messages for the people, clearing out all the allegations and rumors about the movie. Whereas many people including Bollywood celebrities Supported Deepika and reacts towards the open death threats given to Deepika. Bollywood is completely stunned with Deepika Padukone’s Queen Look and Ranveer Singh’s Savage look in Padmavat- पद्मावत फिल्म. Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings have started from today.

A  few days back Sanjay Leela (the director) bashed all rumors and said that there are no scenes, compromising the image of Rani Padmavati.


Padmaavat- पद्मावत फिल्म release date was postponed due to some political reasons and Karni Sena is still against it.

Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings
Karni Sena opposing the release of Padmaavat

Recent Updates:

On Padmaavat, Supreme Court refuses to modify order clearing film’s release in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, says ‘states must obey court orders’.

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Supreme Court said, “people must understand that apex court has passed the order and they must abide by it.” He said- “It is better to advise people not to watch the movie,” the judges told the states and the Karni Sena, which had petitioned for the film’s release.

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In Patna, online bookings for Padmaavat were stopped following protest and threat by Karni Sena’s activists according to IANS reports.

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Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings- पद्मावत फिल्म

Despite receiving death threats, Deepika Padukone visits Siddhivinayak temple ahead of the release of her movie पद्मावत फिल्म.

Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings
Padmaavat Advance Ticket Bookings
Rajput Karni Sena president Mahipal Singh Makrana said, “The state government is well aware that they won’t be able to handle law and order situation. They know our history. It is a conspiracy. They have deliberately decided to release the film around 26th January keeping in view that the national security will be intact in all over the country and Karni Sena won’t be able to do anything that day.”
OP Singh, DGP Uttar Pradesh said, “We will take appropriate action at the appropriate time depending on the strategy, situation. We will certainly respect the decision of Supreme Court.”
Cinema Owners & Exhibitors Association of India (COAEI) requested the Home ministry to sought sufficient security outside theaters screening Padmaavat. The association has also advised theaters that they should show the film after ensuring proper security according to ANI reports.
Check Out The Trailer of Padmaavat here:

You can book tickets for Padmaavat in Advance from today itself. 

Morning Show Ticket Price- Rs. 150- Rs.300
Evening Show Ticket Price: Rs. 200-600(Gold Class)
And if you are looking for 3D Shows For Padmaavat then price ranges from Rs.330 to Rs.580 (PVR Cinemas).

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