New WhatsApp Feature Will Save Millions Of Relationships

Now you are definitely not going to miss any text from your girlfriend. Because the New WhatsApp feature is going to save millions of relationships.With the advancement of features in all applications, WhatsApp has maintained the pace as well. In the beta update, the application has introduced the Pin feature. This feature allows the user to pin the important the chats so they remain on the top and have a quick access. The user is allowed to pin three chats a time which proves to be quite convenient for the other unread messages to show up on the chat screen. The feature hence is a time, life and relationship saver as it makes you notice messages from your important contacts without fail.

There are also many things in this new feature that you must know.
This new feature/update is available on WhatsApp Android Version 2.17.162 and above.

User can pin up to three contacts at a time. To use the feature, Just long press on a particular chat block and then a pin symbol will appear on the right of the block so you know the chat is pinned. The same long press can be used to unpin the chat. Simple, isn’t it?

This update is currently only in beta version but you can see it in the final update every soon.

WhatsApp is also working on it’s own payment which will be available in next update.

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