New Details Released By Disney Of Star Wars & Avatar Theme

Disney has just disclosed the important  details about the latest Star Wars and Avatar-themed expansion to its Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Those who would want a glimpse of what it would be like to be alongside their favorite Star Wars characters in battle are in luck as concept art reveals that and much more.

Photo provided by disney parks at a special moment

Exploring Pandora At Disney World

Initially, the news about this major expansion was leaked an year ago. Guests learned that they would be shifted to a distinct world where then can ride amazing ships like Millennium Falcon to roam around.

Alternatively, we have been reported Disneyland and Disney world will be hosting there own different expansions yet the date of launch hasn’t been confirmed. All we can say that work is under construction and the new release is just nearby.

Disney has revealed that the expansion is not yet named but the scenario will look like a night. Whereas walt disney and resort chairman Bob Chapek Announced that Disney and LucasFilm are working hard in adding new scenes and missions for Star-tours.

Book Tickets As Soon As Possible Before Summer 2017

Fans can book the tickets as early as summer 2017 for pandora, the new Avatar theme expansion which is also when the park will be opened.

Guests can enjoy 2 attractions which includes canoe ride through a sacred river and Pandora’s signature attraction and secondly the pictures also shows Satu’li Canteen which houses Na’vi art and cultural item. And it’s also been noticed that Pongu-Pongu ( An electrical design location ) is Also featured.

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