Haunted Places in Pune

The Most Scariest Haunted Places in Pune You Shouldn’t Go Alone

The Most Scariest Haunted Places in Pune You Shouldn’t Go Alone.

Haunted Places
Haunted Places

10 Haunted Places in Pune: Where the Bed-Wetting Pune Haunted Stories started.

  1. Choice Hostel Karve Road :

The Choice Hostel-The most Haunted place in Pune
The Choice Hostel

Haunted Places in Pune – Choice Hostel one of the expensive hostels for boys in Pune is haunted! Yes! you hear it right. Many of its occupants claimed that they have seen a Ghost lady wearing a Red Saree and roaming in the corridors. The twinkling of her anklets or sometimes her screams can wake up the occupants in the middle of the night.

She strolls in the hostel, especially on Saturday Night.It’s really very scary!

2. Sinhagad College Of Engineering:

Sinhgad College Of Engineering-Haunted Places in Pune
Sinhgad College Of Engineering

Haunted Places in Pune-The Sinhagad College of Engineering is said to be haunted by the spirit of an old student who committed suicide many years ago. Loads of people have reported seeing his ghost around the premises. Some students still avoid walking alone inside the campus after dark.

3. Victory Theatre :

Victory Theatre-Haunted Places in Pune
Victory Theatre

Many cine-goers of this movie theatre while they are watching cozy films they have experienced-Aaargghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (*An evil, spine-chilling, gut-wrenching and maniacal scream). Alarming screams and evil laughter disturb the engrossed patrons many a time. Sometimes, you could even hear or feel the seats rattling and when you turn around to inspect, there is no one but thin air behind you. A real haunted place in Pune, this movie theatre can send you running for hills with its spookiness.

4. Sinhagad Fort :

Sinhagad Fort - Haunted Places in Pune
Sinhagad Fort Pune

It is a famous fort in Pune and an important historical monument in India.The saddest story attached to a haunted place in Pune is a school bus with 60 small children being run off the road at a blind turn near this fort. Since that day, people have felt as if there is a bus coming filled with the happy chatter of children from the other side of the blind turn, but when they reach to that point, they find nothing there.

5. Shaniwarwada Fort:

Shaniwarwada fort-Haunted Place in Pune
Shaniwarwada Fort

Shaniwadwada fort is one of the most popular destinations in Pune for Ghost hunters.

It is said that the spirit of the young prince Narayan Rao Peshwa, Who was killed by his own relative, haunts this place.The words “kaka mala Vacha” which means “Uncle save me” can be heard coming from inside on Full Moon Lights.

Entry is restricted to this area after 6.30 PM.