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11 Most Expensive Items Bought In the World.

11 Most Expensive Items Bought In the World; Mukesh Ambani’s house is also included.

You must be remembering the scene of Bollywood movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ in which Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgan) buys guava. When the fruit seller says that the price of the guava is Rs.4, then Sultan Mirza bought it for four hundred rupees. When a person is rich, then some such incidents happen to be seen. After reading about the things included in this story today, you probably will feel the same. You may also remember that ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ is a guided membrane. The reason is that even today we are going to talk about the most expensive items in the World.

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And then there are some of the more expensive items here that the buyer only knows or understands why these things are so expensive?  Read the full story to know the facts behind this.

11. Huia bird feather

Most Expensive Items
Most Expensive Items

Just think, In how much price you will buy the feather of a bird? If someone is crazy, then he can buy it for a thousand rupees. But you would be surprised to know that Huia Bird’s wings are sold for $ 10,000 (around  Rs.6,51,466). This is the wings of an extinct bird.

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10. Parking place

Most Expensive Items
Worlds Most Expensive Items

This parking spot in Manhattan was sold for $ 1 million (approximately ₹ 6,71,79,450). In such a big amount one can easily buy a luxurious house and can live his life like a King
See this Rs.28,01,49,730 sold in the photo you will not be able to believe.

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9. Rhein II

Most Expensive Items
Most Expensive Items

Do not think this simple looking photo as a simple one. This photo, named Rhein II, was drawn by German visual artist Andreas Gursky. This photo was priced at $ 4.3 million (about Rs. 28,01,49,730) in the auctions held in 2011.

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8. Gold Plated Bugatti Veyron

Most Expensive Items
Most Expensive Items

Siting once in this magnificent car will not be a lesser experience than heaven. It was bought by a billionaire in the Middle East for $ 10 million (around Rs. 65,14,94,000).

Look forward to the art whose price comes to a complete city.

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