Romania Female Armed Forces

9 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces

6.Israel Army:

Israel Army

Israel is the sole nation where women are conscripted and are assigned to Armed Forces such as infantry combatant service.All Israelis are forced to carry out national service when they turn 18.

According to current figures as many as 31 per cent of IDF soldiers are women – three times more than the UK.

7.Greece Army:

Greece Army

The Greek women are in the number 4th on this list. They are stunning and beautiful.They are most attractive soldiers from Greek army.Women serve in the Greek military on a  voluntary basis.

8. Russian Army:

Most Attractive Female Armed Forces

The Russian women soldiers have been placed on number 2 in this list.

It is believed that the most beautiful girls in the world are the natives of Russia. They are well-groomed, amazingly beautiful, slender and have a right amount of a mysterious soul mixed into them.

They are serving their country since a very long time.They perform various duties in the armies throughout Russian history, especially during the Great Patriotic War.

Russian Army

9. Romanian Army:

The women soldier of Romania is considered to be the most attractive and beautiful armed forces of the world.

Not only are these women good-looking, they are hard-working as well.At the same time, they are brave enough to participate in a number of confront roles. They handle weapons like toys.

Romanian Army

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