Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor's Favorite Sex Position in Bed Revealed!
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Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor’s Favorite Sex Position Revealed!

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor’s Favorite Sex Position in Bed Revealed!

The most lovey-dovey couple of Bollywood, Shahid and Mira is often seen complimenting each other in every award functions and shows. They look adorable together. Mira is always in the headlines for her Bindass attitude and controversial comments. She never hesitate to share her personal life in front of the camera. Shahid kapoor has recently been voted as the most sexiest Asian man in the world. Last year, Shahid and Mira was seen together on a television show, ‘Koffee with Karan’,Where Mira was seen revealing her personal life. Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor’s Favorite Sex Position in Bed.


In the ‘Scary Spice’ segment, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput will be seen in Neha Dhupia’s Chat show ‘BFFs with Vogue’. They will be seen playing some interesting rapid fire rounds.

Mira Rajput revealed some Interesting facts about their personal life on Neha Dhupia’s chat show ‘BFFs with Vogue’

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In the show, Neha dhupia asked Mira,

‘What’s your favorite position in bed?’

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While its obvious anyone will hesitate after listening to this question. Likewise, Shahid too hesitated and wanted Mira to skip the question but Mira was brave enough to answer this question and quickly replied:

“I think he is a control freak. He is always telling me what to do.”

The chat show doesn’t ends here, many interesting questions were asked to the couples, and the answers were quite impressive.

Mira also revealed that once she threw Shahid out of the house while he was shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat, No doubt, there are many hidden dirty secrets of Bollywood stars.

“He (Shahid) would come home at 8 in the morning and wake up at 2 in the afternoon. I completely get that he needs silence during those hours because it has been a tough night, but Misha is at her best at that point — wide awake and playful. Shahid wouldn’t say anything but I know it’s going to tire him and I know I can’t put too many restrictions on her either. That was getting to me at a point… and that’s when I told him that I can’t take this anymore.”


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On the other side when Neha asked Mira who is the biggest bore at parties, Mira quickly replied, “Shahid”.

Check out the video here:

You can watch the complete episode on Sunday! 

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