Magician’s death by hanging in Hollywood ruled accidental by coroner

A shocking news broke that the famous magician just found dead

A shocking news broke that the famous magician just found dead

It was shocking. When an agency official said that a world-class magician was found hanged in his dressing room. Which is at a popular Hollywood nightclub which is also called the Magic Castle. It was ruled by an accident on Saturday by LA.

His name is Daryl Easton, Age:- 61, told on his website as a card-trick specialist and was internationally known as “The Magician’s Magician,” who was found hanged by the employees, of the club. According to LA police further investigation shows that it was an apparent suicide.

And according to Lieutenant David Smith, that the one who performed the autopsy on Saturday said that the reason behind the death was accidental hanging. And the hanging was completely self-inflicted, though it was not a ruled suicide, Smith added.

Smith told that the doctors closed it as an accident. But adding some mystery to the case, he told that he not at all on liberty with the decision and to furnish any further details about the death circumstances of his death or to explain the basis of the ruling.

A spokeswoman for the academy of Magical Arts who owns the Magic Castle. She disputed the media an untrue report that the dead body was found in underwear. But the body was found fully clothed with a bag over his head. The name of the women is Vicki Greenleaf.

Greenleaf said, that he died in a dressing space which was completely separated from the parlor performance area by curtains. She also added that he was a close-up magician and with he was just a card guy.

Greenleaf said that Easton was to perform on Magic Castle parlor stage on Thursday but the venue got closed that night as his dead body was found on Friday but got reopened on Saturday. This Magic Castle was opened in 1963 and has been in heart of Los Angeles Hollywood district. There were several magicians who performed each evening to a huge number of audience.

Easton was a world-champion close-up magician with over 40 years of experience in magical arts and have been performing and selling his magic around the globe. The academy said so.