A Lucky Fan Rohit Shah Has Taken So Many Selfies With Celebrities That You’ll Be Jealous Of Him

Recently, we got to know about the Jabra Fan of Shah Rukh Khan who is going to his shoot locations and taking pictures. We can say this is a fan goal, and it is. Then there is someone too, who is clicking pictures with celebrities and he does it for his memory books.

Making loving memories and a memory book is from New York. A boy named Ronak Shah is making a memory book by clicking pictures with celebrity. His profile says “Cricket lover ❤️ #DilSeIndian ?? NewYork??”  and even his Insta feed is same. This guy has posed with Sachin Tendulkar to Arjun Kapoor to Disha Patani, with all of them he has a picture.

Whether it’s a Bollywood star or a cricket star he has posed with all of them. And we are not kidding at all, let’s have a look.

1. As the IIFA is in New York, Ronak met Disha Patani, the host of celebrities.

Lucky Fan Has Taken So Many Selfies With Celebs That I’ll Have To Admit, I’m Jealous

2. With Huma Qureshi