Have you Seen the World's Longest Rangoli

Stunning Pictures of the Longest Rangoli in Kolkata,You Must See This.

Durga Puja is here – Kolkata celebrates it with Longest Rangoli in Kolkata that is really stunning!

Around 400 people came together to celebrate the auspicious occasion by creating the Longest Rangoli in Kolkata (Alpana) in and around Lake View.

Longest Rangoli in Kolkata
Longest Rangoli in Kolkata

Durga Puja has arrived this year amidst much fanfare especially for the people of West Bengal. The 5-day gala festival marks the warm welcoming of Goddess Durga on her trip to her paternal home. From varieties of food to pandal hopping and dancing, it is truly a beautiful spectacle. Longest Rangoli in Kolkata

Longest Rangoli in Kolkata
Longest Rangoli in Kolkata

Durga Puja in Kolkata is a five-day festivity. Which is enjoyed with lots of fun and excitement.The entire city waits with bated breath for the goddess to arrive and does all it can to make her arrival memorable and joyous. The pictures have created quite a stir on social media and people are loving it.

Durga Puja is not an auspicious festival for Bengalis but it’s an emotion.

Kolkata Longest Rangoli

This year the celebrations begin on September 26 (Shasthi) and will continue till September 30 (Dashami), and the city of joy is all set for the festival. Pandals have been erected, roads have been decorated, and this time even the roads have been painted on, as Kolkata waits for one of its biggest festivals with joyful abandon.

Several tweets made on the Longest Rangoli in Kolkata.

Have you seen the Longest Rangoli in Kolkata?

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Click to watch the video:

This Alpana(Rangolis) Will surely make you go wow!! Beautifully created and designed by 400 art college students in lake road.

Longest Rangoli-Durga Puja
Longest Rangoli-Durga Puja

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