This Cute Little Puppy Without Front Legs Will Melt Your Heart

This is Cupid the puppy who was conceived without front legs.

Cupid was found in a junk container behind a working in Canada. His whimpering was heard by two respectable men who acted the hero and after that they found that the puppy has no front legs.

The puppy was conveyed to Dog Rescuers who are presently treating his innate handicap.

The puppy’s tail was likewise distorted as though it was cut with scissors, and his missing legs made it unbelievably troublesome for the little pup to stand or walk.

However, until further notice, Cupid has new prosthetic legs.

Janice Olniych is changing puppy’s life. She made the prosthetic legs for Cupid with the goal that he can figure out how to walk.

He wears prosthetic for a brief period.

The prosthetic legs are likewise fitted with ski-style feet that help Cupid in strolling. He wears prosthetic for a brief timeframe so he gets used to them.

Cupid is currently seven weeks old.

The little person is super lovable, and now he is living in a cultivate home of Dog Rescuers. He has stolen hearts of everybody at encourage home.

Puppy Rescuers are sitting tight for the little person to wind up distinctly more portable with the goal that he is prepared for selection.


Cupid will be prepared for appropriation toward the finish of February with the goal that he can spread more love to individuals around him.