Katrina is Planning to Marry
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Katrina is planning to Marry This Lucky Man. Wedding On The Cards For Katrina?

Katrina is planning to Marry This Lucky Man. Wedding On The Cards For Katrina?

Katrina Kaif, one of the best Bollywood actresses, is among the most beautiful and famous actresses in the world. The popularity of Katrina can be based on the fact that she has recently joined Instagram and has already made crores of fans. Katrina is Planning to Marry this lucky man. Do you know who is he?

Katrina is Planning to Marry
Katrina is Planning to Marry


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It was Salman Khan who brought Katrina in Bollywood and is credited for her achievement that she has made in the field of acting in Bollywood.

But today we are going to share a big news of Katrina’s Real Life, rather than Reel Life …

This news will break the hearts of millions of fans of Katrina.

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Yes, the news coming from Maya city is that Katrina Kaif can soon be a bride, you will be eager to know who is Katrina’s Prince Charming?

As in Bollywood, we come across different relationships between different actors and actresses. A few years back it was rumored that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are going to marry.

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But this could not happen … even before the relationship could reach this stage, news of the breakup has come in between the two. But now there is news of Kaif becoming a bride again, but this time, Groom is not Ranbir Kapoor, he is someone else.

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Let’s not keep you in suspense for long, Let us finally tell us who is the person ruling Katrina’s Heart nowadays. Yes, that is Mr. Dabang i.e.

Katrina is Planning to Marry
Katrina is Planning to Marry

Our  Sallu Mian … Salman not only used to love Katrina Kaif but have also admitted his feelings for her.

Recently, both of them were seen together in Tiger Jinda Hai and their chemistry is also very much liked. A special bonding is being seen between the two. Even in a show, Salman Khan swipes Katrina’s Tears in the cutest way ever.

Since the marriage of Virat-Anushka in 2017, it is common for Bollywood’s corridors that Salman and Katrina can marry soon … However, nothing has been said about this relationship so far on both the reports.If you believe on some reports, then it is said that Romanian beauty Luliya came between them.

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Katrina is Planning to Marry
Katrina is Planning to Marry

But this time Salman does not want any kind of rumors with Katrina. They both have still not accepted regarding their love affair and marriage plans. But If both are married in 2018, then it would be Bollywood’s much-unexpected marriage.

Hong Kong-born Katrina has been spinning in Bollywood for the last decade and a half. Katrina started her film career with the film ‘Boom’ in 2003. Although the film proved to be a flop at the box office.

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Salman Khan is considered to be a very big hand in taking up the career of Katrina. There is a reason for this. Both of them are also liked by their fans … the latest example of this is the recent release Tiger Zinda hai, only a few days after the release of the movie, it has joined the club of billions of crores.

It’s always great to see both of them together. You can comment below in the comment box.

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