Kangana Ranaut Spoke About her Exes
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Kangana Ranaut Spoke About her Exes For The First Time.

Kangana Ranaut Spoke About her Exes For The First Time. Said- “After Every Breakup, I Feel It Is The End Of My Life.”

We all know, Kangana Ranaut is one of the strongest, bravest actresses of Bollywood. Who never run away from speaking her mind and heart. She has always been in news for her controversies. Sometimes for her love affair and sometimes for her strong comments on actors and directors. For the first time, Kangana Ranaut Spoke About Her Exes.

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Kangana Ranaut Spoke About her Exes
Kangana Ranaut Spoke About Her Exes

She also didn’t shy away from talking about her alleged ex- Hrithik Roshan. Who she refers to as ” silly ex”.! Dayum girl!’. Kangana has created her own identity on Bollywood without any help. Kangana Bindass attitude had always inspired us.In her recent interview with Aap Ki Adalat, she had revealed some shocking reality of Bollywood, whether he is Karan Johar or even Shahrukh Khan.She has lashed out the brutal reality of Bollywood. Kangana’s recent song ‘ Yes, I have a Vagina Re’ song has already created a buzz on the Internet.

Kangana Ranaut at a recent event revealed about her Exes. She said she has not been too lucky in her love life.

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“I’ve had so many affairs. And after every break-up, I feel like this is the end of my life. This has happened whether I’m 16 or 31,” Kangana told News18. She went on to reveal that the definition of love, for her, transcends beyond the physical and becomes “spiritual and platonic”.

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“It’s an amazing experience you feel in every cell of your body, as if it’s is awakened, even if the person is not around. My boyfriends have asked me ‘how do you know everything about my life. It’s black magic. It’s telepathic.’ It’s how I love. And if my love is psycho, then it’s fine. I’ll find someone else. I am fine being called a witch,” Kangana said.

Kangana Said, She has never got an opportunity to dump someone because in every relationship she got dumped. Further, she added:

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“I’ve never gotten the chance or had the privilege to dump anyone. I was always the one who got dumped. If I told you some of the names, you’d be shocked that even this loser has dumped me. They come back but then I can’t take them back because by then I’ve moved on to another loser,” she said.

Kangana is currently busy with the shooting of her upcoming movie, Manikarnika, The Queen Of jhasi. You can even see her in the upcoming movie ‘mental hai kya’ starring opposite Rajkumar Rao.

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