Kane West Told If He Would Have voted, Then he would have given his vote to Donald Trump !

Well, it was a solid series. During the earlier half of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour, he had been relatively cautious when it was about uncertain performances for the long duration of time for airing out his feelings for every small thing. But it was different tonight at the SAP Center in San Jose where, as per the reports, West was late to go on Stage and then paused many times in between his performance and flat out paused his show to, among other things, lecture the crowd about the “paradigm shift” that’s happening in America, apologize to Nike for giving the statements which had invalid facts, gave assurance  that his concert is free from any political affiliation, sign a fan’s shoes, scold people for dancing and clapping while he’s talking, defend his choice to wear another artist’s merchandise (apparently a Drake hat), saying not to believe everything on internet, explain that we need to fix education and housing problems in the United States, and, oh yeah, to voice his support for Donald Trump.

Clearly, the rapper was supporting Trump for a while, but the manager of Justin Bieber  Scooter Braun gave the advice to publicize it until after the election because this whole situation is just a pop culture Mad Lib now. All of that processing sounds like it came before West allegedly told the crowd that black people need to “get over racism.” But he supposedly closed the show by saying “Neither candidate would fix racism in this country,” suggesting that West, justifiably, isn’t over racism either. He also re-declared his own run for the presidency in 2020. By the estimates of the heroic Twitter user who sent live dispatches throughout the show, West spent at least one hour just talking to the crowd, and cut himself off in mid-song at least a dozen times. So, Kanye West is basically the uncle you really wish you could avoid at Thanksgiving dinner this year.