Is Beer Good For Health?
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Good News for Alcohol Lovers!Avoid Drinking Cow’s Milk and have a Beer a Day.

Is Beer Good For Health?

Good News for Alcohol Lovers!Avoid Drinking Cow’s Milk and have a Beer a Day for Good Health.

Is Beer Good For Health?
Beer a day for good health

There are different myths regarding different things.Here we break all the truth behind the health benefits of Different foods.(Is Beer Good For Health?)

Research on Foods come and go, and with that lots of confusion comes about what we should eat and what we shouldn’t for being healthy.

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Out of all the scientific health facts that have been discovered for revamping your nutritious diet, this one, in particular, is bound to make you actually want to follow it. Most people say stop drinking to stay fit. In fact, you can maintain a healthy diet by drinking a glass of beer a day.

MYTH: Milk is Good For Health

Although milk is widely accepted as a part of a healthy diet Michels, explains that

“Cow’s milk is not designed for humans — its composition is completely different from that of human mother’s milk.”

Part of the problem she adds is that to increase efficiency cows are artificially inseminated to remain in a constant state of simultaneous pregnancy and lactation – which leads to significant doses of the pregnancy hormones estrogen and progesterone making their way into milk products, which can increase the risk of several cancers. Michels prefers plant alternatives such as almond and soy milk.

Myth: Alcohol should be avoided (Is Beer Good For Health)

Alcohol is thought by many to be unhealthy to consume, but the evidence is mixed.

“Alcohol cleans out your coronary arteries, so if you have a strong family history of coronary artery disease, it may help you,” Michels says.

“On the other hand, you have to balance that against the fact that alcohol increases the risk of many cancers. For most people, we recommend limiting alcohol consumption to one beverage a day.”

So the recent study proves that drinking a beer a day is better than having a glass of milk.

Is Beer Good For Health?

Is Beer Good For Health?

Alcoholic Drinks like Wine and Beer contains lesser sodium and Calories than Milk.Also, none of them have fat or cholesterol which is found in abundance in milk

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