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Inside Look Of Mar-a-lago Resort At Florida Where Trump Is Celebrating Thanksgiving.

The new respected president of US, Mr Donald Trump is and his family is celebrating Thanksgiving at the Palm Beach in Florida in Mar-a-lago resort which is surely one of the most luxurious and royal resort in the world. Trump’s transition team reported about how the trump family is staying and celebrating. And now I am going to show you some amazing stills of Mar-a-lago resort! Keep scrolling!

EXCLUSIVE: Peek inside historic Mar-a-Lago Resort, in Palm Beach, where Donald Trump will spend his first Thanksgiving since becoming President Elect. The lavish 17-acre country club's decadent interiors are dripping with gold leaf, carved stone and rare marble in these exclusive photos taken back in 1993, just after the millionaire businessman finished a major restoration. The soon-to-be-POTUS had purchased the exclusive 58-bedroom property in 1985 for $10 million and, with then-wife Ivana, remodeled its rooms to resemble European palaces. The grand dining room emulates Rome's Chigi Palace, with a marble-topped 34-seater table. The 'Spanish Room' - historically used by visiting Congressmen and European royalty - retained its tiled fireplace containing niches fitted with porcelain 'ladies-in-waiting' figures. Sculpted roses climb the fireplace and windows of the intricate children's suite, where the daughter of Mar-a-Lago's original owner, cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, grew up. In 1995, Trump extended the majestic 'Jazz Age' estate to include a new beach club, ballroom, spa, tennis and croquet courts and opened it up as a country club, for which members nowadays pay $13k a year plus an initial $100k fee. Trump has since revamped more of the 55,700sq ft main building, which has 33 bathrooms. These images, taken in 1993 by local photographer CJ Walker, also show Trump's former 727 jet flying over the property. Pictured: Trump's private jet flies over Mar-a-Lago Ref: SPL1398345 221116 EXCLUSIVE Picture by: CJ Walker/Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666 Splash News and Picture Agency does not claim any Copyright or License in the attached material. Any downloading fees charged by Splash are for Splash's services only, and do not, nor are they intended to, convey to the user any Copyright or License in the material. By publish