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This Russian Woman Is Earning Money For Taking A Nap At Work

This Russian Woman Is Earning Money For Taking A Nap At Work: The Human Bed Warmer

Isn’t this sound’s interesting? How cool would it be if you are getting paid for just sleeping?(Human Bed Warmer)

This Russian Woman has come up with an interesting way to earn money by warming up the bed and filling it with positive energy.Thus guaranteeing a perfectly good night sleep.

Just imagine, after a long tired day, When you come back home and it’s too cold outside.

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What do you think at that point of time?

A warm Cossy Bed. Right?

This beautiful 21-year-old Russian woman named Viktoria Ivachyova is the world’s first human bed warmer.

Human Bed Warmer

According to the report by the Mirror,

She charges £65 per night or £1,350 per month to lay in strangers’ beds for an hour to ensure they get a good night sleep.


This unique profession has amazed everyone around the world.

“She tells clients they can be in the room while she warms their bed, but there is to be no physical contact between them,” is her clear policy. In case anyone tries to break the rules she hits a ‘panic button’ that alerts the hotel staffers.

Human Bed Warmer

You will be shocked to know that Victoria had already 10 customers and with the amount of free publicity, she is getting famous worldwide.


Human Bed Warmer

In fact, Victoria is planning also planning to hire a team of female bed warmers to keep up the demand.

But let us tell you that this is not the first time we are hearing about human bed warmer.There were“ professional cuddlers“, who charged tens of dollars an hour to snuggle and cuddle with people in need of human affection.

According to Mirror,

Viktoria Ivachyova told Big Picture her inspiration was a book by Russian author Anatoly Mariengof.

 “One character, a poet called Sergei Yesenin paid a female typist to come to his home every morning and lie naked in his bed, under the blankets, for 15 minutes, warming it up. The whole ritual apparently helped him regain his writing inspiration,” the report added.

Viktoria is not only a bed warmer but she is a good listener too.

She quoted:

After listening to one depressed man, she said in the morning he called her again and said: “Vika, you’re magic. Today I woke up, and I want to live.”

She also said that her main target is Single men but she is ready to help everyone.

So if women too want this service she is ready to warm their beds as well.

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