Hilarious Wrong Number Texts That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!


Sometimes people mistakenly send texts to wrong persons and mostly gets the same reply ‘sorry wrong number’. But there are some creative people in this world who are just the pure entertainer with their responses. These people never miss a chance to troll someone or make fun of others. Those who have mistakenly sent a text to these has done a really big mistake. The hilarious stories of these people with hilarious wrong number texts will really make you laugh out loud.

Here are the 10 most hilarious stories of wrong number texts

1. Not Interested In That

Image result for hilarious wrong number texts


This is really funny. He is surely not in love with that car buyer. And that reply is adding to its humor.

2. He is not She. Wrong Number Texts


He could have simply replied ‘Wrong Number’ but the way he said it is simply hilarious. Hats off to his creativity.


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