Hard To believe But Its True! Rani Padmavati Would Have Killed Herself Again,If She Was Alive.

If Rani Padmavati was alive today, she would have killed herself again.
If Rani Padmavati was alive today, she would have killed herself again.

Rani Padmavati Would Have Killed Herself Again If She Exists.

So here comes the grim violence that comes from the creation of movies that marks our Culture and tradition.(Rani Padmavati)

Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is known as the most critically acclaimed filmmakers in Indian cinema, Bhansali is the recipient of several awards, including four National Film Awards and ten Filmfare Awards.

Rani Padmavati

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The man who has created dynamic and heart-warming movies is now coming up with his next movie ‘Padmavati’.He immensely puts his soul and efforts on two of the best actors, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. They both are playing the most critical yet important role in this movie.

Padmavati is getting released on 1st December.

Ranveer plays the character of Alauddin Khilji, and Deepika plays the role of Rani Padmavati. Deepika is really looking like a queen in her role as Padmavati.

The movie has not yet been released but few groups of people started protesting against this movie without seeing a single fixture of the movie.They decided that it is the distortion of facts.

How can they even judge any film without even seeing it? Yes, I do understand that they are trying to protect their culture.But being Antaryami, well, that’s another level of Self Confidence.

What is incoherent, is the fierce approach to the issue. Rajput Karni Sena was so cramped with Bhansali’s narrative, the filmmaker was made to toe the line and succumb to the group’s aggression.

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Rani Padmavati
Pic Courtesy: Indianexpress Nagpur: Bajrang Dal activists protesting against filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film “Padmavati” in Nagpur.
Rani Padmavati
Pic Courtesy: TheHindu

But, I want to know What they want to convey. Without even seeing a single frame of the film, What they are protesting for?

For My knowledge, I took help of the best source, Wikipedia to know more about Padmavati History.

Rani Padmavati

According to Wikipedia, Padmavati was an exceptionally beautiful Princess of the Singhal kingdom (Sri Lanka). Ratan-Sen, the Rajput ruler of Chittor, heard about her beauty from a talking parrot named Hiraman. After an adventurous quest, he won her hand in marriage and brought her to Chittor.

Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi also heard about her beauty and laid siege to Chittor to obtain her.(Rani Padmavati )

Rani Padmavati

Many events occurred during the period of the Siege, till the Fort was finally taken. Meanwhile, Ratan Sen was killed in a duel with Devpal, the king of Kumbhalner who was also enamored with Padmavati’s beauty. Before Alauddin Khalji could capture Chittor, Padmavati and her companions committed Jauhar (self-immolation) to protect their honor. After her sacrifice, the Rajput men died fighting on the battlefield.

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Let’s forget all the controversies and Protest. Do let us focus on what she died for?

Aas claimed by the legend. She died to defend her and numerous other women’s honor. But what are her followers doing? They threaten the lead actress with beheading. Would Padmavati have approved this sort of act? The entire basis of this so-called objection is inaccurate.

Recently, Bhansali has shown the movie to some people and some strong-minded people.

Here is what they want to say:

“Padmavati is the greatest tribute to Rajput pride,” says Arnab Goswami.

Rani Padmavati

“There is not even a nanosecond of vulgarity. Ranveer and Deepika do not share screen even for a second. This Karni Sena will be left looking utterly foolish once the movie hits the box office,” he said, adding that the violent protesters will look like clowns and vandals. The BJP should really reconsider the prospect of embarrassing themselves by joining the Karni Sena side,” said Indian journalist and television news anchor Arnab Goswami. 

Second Was Rajat Sharma, who is evergreen host of Aap Ki Adalat:

Rani Padmavati

After watching the entire film, I can emphatically say that there is not a single dialogue, not a single scene, not a single sequence that can be said to go against the proud history of the Rajputs of Rajasthan.”

“Sanjay Leela Bhansali has directed the film after conducting full research. While filming the scenes and sequences, he has kept in mind the need to respect the Rajput traditions and etiquettes. There has been no distortion of history in the entire film. I sincerely feel that the valour of Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh, the strategic mind of Queen Padmavati, their bravery and sacrifice have been correctly portrayed in Bhansali’s film,” he added. 

“I understand the feelings of people who have been hurt by this film, but their anger is merely based on hearsay,” says Rajat Sharma.


He Further added:

“I will humbly appeal to all my Rajput brothers and sisters to watch this film at least once and then decide. They will certainly feel that this film has correctly portrayed the Rajputs in a positive light. Every child in this great country will feel proud on watching the sacrifice of Rani Padmavati and Rawal Ratan Singh.”

“I can also say that after watching this film, people will definitely feel that they have been unfair to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapur and all those who have been associated with this film,” he ended

Rani Padmavati

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Yes, If Rani Padmavati was alive today, she would have killed herself again.

She would have killed herself again to protect the honor and dignity of not only women but also humans.Its sad to see how people are reacting and behaving without even knowing the complete story.

Lets hope, we get to see the movie soon and as usual we will not get dissapointed by Bhansali.

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