World's First VR Wedding Proposal
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Now This is Called Future! This Guy Proposes His Girlfriend in VR.

THIS guy has crossed all levels to propose to his girlfriend. And During this, He raised the bar for everyone.

World’s First Virtual Reality Wedding Proposal (Guy Proposes His Girlfriend in VR)

Guy Proposes His Girlfriend in VR
Man Proposes his Gf in VR

Marriage proposals are always exciting and soul-stirring when someone proposes down on his knees with a ring that is above everything.(Guy Proposes His Girlfriend in VR).

World’s First Virtual Reality Wedding Proposal happened in Australia. Where an Australian man recreated his girlfriend’s grandma’s house in VR and proposed to her outside of it. This is now the best way to impress a girl. 

Isn’t it so Romantic and sweet?

The man proposed his long-term Girlfriend through Virtual Reality (VR) and she said “YES”.(Guy Proposes His Girlfriend in VR)

With the help of Zero-Latency, a Vr Technology Company, Alex Lackovic mapped his Girlfriend’s Grandma’s house and proposed her outside of it.

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The pair were playing a zombie VR game with friends when the surroundings changed, everyone knew what was coming except his girlfriend.

Watch the VR proposal of a guy to His Girlfriend:


This video showing what’s believed to be Australia’s first virtual reality wedding proposal.And a real-life “yes” to the question he popped on a virtual bended knee.

Guy Proposes His Girlfriend in VR
Man proposes his girlfriend in VR

And a real-life “yes” to the question he popped on a virtual bended knee.

The couple joined multiplayer Battle with Zombies. Running, Shooting and playing the game.Kelly had no clue what was about to come.

Things Got tense! But when the game ended, Alex transported Kelly back to her Childhood Home in Africa. Her happiest Place growing up.

“Every time she thinks of her happiest place she thinks of the time she spent out there with her friends and her family as a kid,”

Alex says

He Recreated photos from Google Earth and Street View.

“It was awesome because she was totally in her world, shooting zombies, and then it all changed,” he says.

Kelly was so distracted by being to transported to her grandmother’s house, she had no idea Alex was going to ask her to marry him.

“In hindsight, yeas, it’s obvious … why am I holding flowers … but it took a while to register,” she said.

“It was this moment when I just got to go home for a few seconds.

“But once I realized it was happening I needed to see him for real”.

Then Came the Question –

“Will You Marry Me?”

and She Said “Yes”

Guy Proposes His Girlfriend in VR
Kelly and Alex  PIc Courtesy-

Side Note: We Congratulate Kelly and Allex for a Happy Married Life. As it is the kiss that seals the deal. February 2018 is their wedding date.

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