Food Over Time


Since agriculture began, food system has constantly evolved. Food system emerged with the dawn of civilization when agriculture, including the domestication of animals, set the stage for permanent settlements.  Each change bringing new advantages and challenges and even greater diversity and complexity.


The emergence of city states has been a major driver of food system changes, bringing large population within defines boundaries and requiring complex governance to deliver sufficient quantities and qualities of food. Advances in food storage, with sealed containers and curing methods, the use of animal transport, using ships and trains to move a larger volume than can be can be carried by individuals trade in ingredients like salt as well as live animals and agricultural products  and increasing  political and military conflict for resources  all have been developments of  the city state.

Since 90’s the pattern of food cycle has changed from existing to non-existing materials which has affected the physical composition of living. Let’s consider the mid 90’s when women used to set alight firewood to cook food but attain the same rendering food as now. As time passed, technology and economic conditions help the food industry to come up with strange and nimblest way of cooking food. The authenticity which actually plays a very important role when it comes to the right method of cooking is being ignored by which the art of cooking skills is no more highlighted. Greed of bills is forcing the treasure of skills to extinct in different parts of the world.


Small measures can be taken to prevent this extinction but the political issues and the cultural differences make a big difference when one wants to bring a change. A simple step to which the simplicity of food and cultures can be rendered. Keep the junk away get on your feet get your hands dirty, step up in the kitchen and get along with food and create great compassion for food over Time.